What To Do If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant

Natalie Glusman

 I am a very recent newlywed and as other newlyweds can relate to, the next question of course is, when are you having kids? People simply can’t help themselves from asking that question. :) Fortunately, we are wanting to start a family quite soon so the question only contributes to my excitement.  

My now husband and I started discussing our family plans several months ago. I chose to make several changes to my diet and lifestyle that have made me feel confident that I will be best prepared to have a healthy and happy baby.  

Here are my top tips for getting your body in happy baby condition! 

Reduce Alcohol About 6 months ago, I dramatically reduced my alcohol intake. We used to enjoy our cocktails on Friday and Saturday nights during a fun date night out or at home and an occasional weeknight drink if I made a fun dinner. Now, I have 2 glasses of wine max, one night a week. (Side bonus is that reducing alcohol is great for weight loss.) 

Be Honest About Your Diet Are you living on caffeine? Do you get enough greens and other veggies? Are you eating organic produce and grass fed meat? Are you eating whole foods? Your best pre baby diet is one that contains whole foods, plenty of organic greens, veggies, fruits, dairy, and grass fed meat.   

Take a multivitamin I have taken a multivitamin for several years but recently transitioned to a prenatal multivitamin. I take a prenatal vitamin that I got at Whole Foods. My clients also really like The Honest Company prenatal vitamin. Make sure to discuss whatever you choose with your doctor. 

Establish an Exercise Routine Now It is important to establish a well-balanced diet AND exercise routine before you get pregnant. I work out several times a week doing a mixture of yoga, Pilates, Barre and strength training. Please contact me for help developing an exercise plan if you do not already have one. I am here to help! 

Schedule your Pregnancy Planning Appointment This is a wonderful way to get your doctors undivided attention to discuss any and all pregnancy concerns. Your doctor will perform blood tests, discuss supplements, stress levels, sleeping patterns, etc. 

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